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Moxie Mobility Training, LLC

Moxie Mobility Training, LLC was born from personal experience and seeing the need in the community to help older adults improve and maintain their fitness.  Getting people moving is important to prevent rehospitalizations due to deconditioning and poor health, lack of education, lack of assistance, homes that aren't conducive to safety and decreased knowledge of support in the community.   At MMT, our motto is "Stay Strong & Safe" and we believe this is achieved through communities supporting each member through compassion, accessibility, education, fitness, philanthropy and fostering self-purpose.  Let us be your guide to keep you safe at home, happy, and on your own terms with the help you need.

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Kathy Clark, Founder

Kathy has enjoyed treating patients since 2012 as a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant.  Prior to this career change, she obtained a B.S. in Psychology and Sports & Leisure, and a Master's in Sport Psychology.  Her specializations are Senior Fitness Instructor (SFI), Certified Fall Prevention Specialist (CFPS), Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT) and a Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS).  As a PTA, her clinical experience includes settings such as Long Term Acute Care Hospital, Acute Care Hospitals, Outpatient Rehab Clinic, Inpatient Rehab Facility, Skilled Nursing Facility (short term and long-term care) and Home Health Care.  Kathy believes mobility is key to prevention.  Collaborating with others (clients, caregivers and community resources) who are motivated to find solutions to problems is her goal.

MMT Guides

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Corie Trezon, PTA, CFPS, SFI, BS

Corie brings a fantastic career as a Physical Therapist Assistant. Licensed since 1996, she has experience in all facets of Physical Therapy from Inpatient to Outpatient. She has faced the challenge of taking care of her patients while battling an autoimmune disease.  After years of therapy to maintain her functional abilities, surgeries and loss of vision in one eye; she has learned first hand the importance of adaptation and accessibility. Corie’s adversities have given her bricks in the foundation of her passion to help others achieve their independence. Her dedication in helping others help themself has kept people moving at Charlton Memorial Hospital’s Acute Inpatient Unit for over 20 years.  Adding to the depth of MMT’s resources, Corie brings her expertise of creating a successful Home Safety program for the patients at CMH, has a BS in Health Education & Promotion, a certification as a Fall Prevention Specialist (CFPS) and is a Senior Fitness Instructor (SFI).  Now she is branching out to follow her dream of bringing Fall Prevention programs and Accessibility education, specifically on low vision and blindness, to her community.

MMT Service Area:
Current service area consists of the Southcoast area of Massachusetts (Wareham, Marion, Mattapoisett, Fairhaven, New Bedford, Dartmouth, Westport, Rochester, Achushnet) and Hingham/Hull.  Looking to expand in Massachusetts to
I-495/I-90 interchange area (Southborough, Westborough, Marlborough, Northborough, Hopkinton).


"Kathleen is a master body strength builder.  Her encouragement and gentle exercises have improved my posture, overall body strength and balance.  Two of my goals were to get myself out of a chair without the aid of my hands and to climb stairs  without the aid of a railing.  I have now accomplished both tasks.  


I am pleased to say my overall fitness has improved with strengthening my legs, arms, back, ankles, and neck movements.  My balance has improved because of the exercises.


Kathleen has covered all basis for not only Senior Health but for community information.  She checks on Senior Centers in your area and gives you information about the centers activities and services.  Kathleen helps with organizing medications, finding closest emergency shelter,  think about and plan for later life and end of life.  Check list sheets are there to be filled out and a “Who To Call” sheet is displayed on my refrigerator for quick reference.


The 'Moxie Mobility Training Program' has been a positive experience."

Betty T. 

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