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Moxie Mobility Training, LLC

Older gentleman lifting hand weights
Happy Older couple exercising
Older gentleman looking peaceful with his caregiver

Find Your Moxie:

1 to 1 Personal Training



Group (2-4)

Customized sessions

Training can be

in-home or virtual

I Found My Moxie:

12 Month Program

Individual or Couple

          Program includes

17 customized personal training visits, monthly check in phone calls after visits end, access to MMT Guide for questions, trainings on topics that include:

  • Fall Risk Assessments 

  • Exercise Strategies

  • Emergency Preparedness

  •  Making Plans

  • "I Love My Home, But Does My House Love Me"

  • And Much More!

12 Steps for Seniors to Age Safely at Home: A Concierge System for Caregivers

Online Program - Being Developed Now!

a la Carte Services

Pricing on an individual basis

  • Lymphedema/Edema bandaging
  • Fall Prevention Trainings
  • New Home Set Up (ALF, ILF, Apt)
  • ​Home Reorganization/Declutter
  • Caregiver Trainings
  • Balance Classes
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