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Moxie Mobility Training, LLC

Get Strong & Safe at Home

MMT Logo with hand helping person that lost their balance. Home in the background to show that MMT can give people a helping hand to stay in their home.
Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

In-Home (or Virtual) Fitness Training & Consulting for Safely Aging in Place

Get Out of Your Chair and Start Living!    
Use our Clinical Knowledge and Expertise to Your Benefit

   Reconnect to      
Your Community

Renew Your Strength
and Balance


Step 1 - Make an Appointment - "Schedule Now!"

Step 2 - Customize an "I Found My Moxie: Safe Living Plan"

Step 3 - Start your Journey to Reclaim Your Independence

We Respectfully Act as Your Guide:

The Choice is Yours!

Happy woman in a floating wheelchair on the beach

Moxie Mobility Training, LLC

We bring individualized fitness and customized safety plans to you!

Trained in COVID-19 recovery

COVID-19 Recovery

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  • Worried about staying home alone?

  • Can't do things like you used to?

  • Feeling weak, unsteady and/or fear you might fall?

  • Getting overwhelmed or frustrated? 

  • Are your family members or friends starting to worry about you staying home alone?

  • Doctors visits and hospitalizations becoming more frequent?

We understand your frustration and worry

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